Vanguard products Get A Lift With KASO's Engineering Experise

Vanguard Fenestration products have been greatly respected in the window and door industry for more than 30 years, but that doesn’t mean that Vanguard products can’t benefit from the fresh thinking and deep engineering expertise that our new parent company, KASO Plastics, brings to the table. Revisiting product design and manufacturing alike, Vanguard Fenestration products continue to improve thanks to KASO's internal engineering and manufacturing talent.

Case in point? KASO’s engineering team reviewed several Vanguard products this past year and discovered that, by retooling the Vanguard weephole covers, we would greatly reduce lead times and reduce per-part production costs. This allowed KASO to transfer these savings in price reductions directly back to our customers, all while maintaining the quality and integrity of the finished weephole covers themselves.

Retooling is just one of the ways Vanguard customers can take advantage of KASO’s engineering expertise. KASO’s full engineering capabilities can also create major advantages for those looking for custom window and door hardware components and solutions, keeping costs low while finding innovative new ways to create better custom designed products.

KASO Engineering services include:

  • Team orientated engineering services
  • Materials selection
  • Rapid prototyping services and 3D printing
  • Injection mold design and construction

Find out more and see how our new capabilities can create competitive advantage for your business. Contact your Vanguard Fenestration representative today.